MIMBUS and Microsoft sign off a partnership to help training center in their digital transformation

MIMBUS and MICROSOFT form a partnership aiming to lead a global reflection on the evolution and innovation in vocational training. With its VULCAN platform, MIMBUS offers the only educational tracking tool dedicated to manual trades training, on simulators in virtual reality and augmented reality. Now available on AZURE, MIMBUS is more focus on supporting training centers for digital transformation by the CLOUD.

In a context of labor shortages (30,000 jobs are to be filled in 2019 for welding, bodywork and carpentry trades), companies are struggling to recruit and find required profiles.

Since 2011, MIMBUS devotes 50% of its budget to R & D. Made up of experts in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and pedagogy, the MIMBUS Research and Development team works every day on solutions adapted to the educational needs of manual trades.

Welder, electrician, carpenter …, MIMBUS offers solutions for training to nearly twenty different trades.

MIMBUS allows trainers to follow their student activity on simulators thanks to the VULCAN platform.

VULCAN is a unique CLOUD platform that integrates with any virtual training environment and captures the performance of trainee on simulator. It analyzes and transcribes the results to the trainers, who can then customize the course training and exercises based on each student’s capacity.

Integrated with learning paths, VULCAN allows to detect and recruit talents and motivate them throughout their learning path by limiting the risks of school dropout.

Between 2015 and 2018, the number of trainees who used VULCAN was multiplied by 5.

Using the big data in simulator manual skills analysis is a logical adds on to Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering and it is part of Dynamics’ continuity.

Already well integrated with Virtual Reality training tools, VULCAN also allows monitoring and controlling Augmented Reality learning. The first training applications for the industry on HoloLens 2 associated with VULCAN will also be available in 2020.

Laurent DA DALTO, founder of the company MIMBUS testifies:
“Mapping and training future talent in the trades of industry must go through a profound revolution in our learning methods. The partnership with Microsoft positions us as a provider of reference solution for vocational training and allows us to respond widely to their recruitment and training issues. ”

“This partnership is a new step in our desire to support the training transformation: by implementing digital technology at the service of skills, we are unleashing the potential of learners! I am pleased to bring with MIMBUS a comprehensive partnership around Azure Cloud and Mixed Reality, and to actively contribute through our ecosystem to support new talent in the industry, “said Agnès VAN DE WALLE, Entity Director. One Commercial Partner from Microsoft France.

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MIMBUS was born from the awareness of Laurent DA DALTO that vocational training was facing problems that new technologies could meet.Welder, painter, carpenter, electrician …, the company places innovation at the heart of these training courses to make them more attractive, less expensive and more secure. With a catalog of nearly 10 simulators for training in over 20 manual trades, MIMBUS distinguishes itself by the quality of the pedagogical follow-up offered to trainers through VULCAN. Developed in partnership with educators and trainers, this platform offers great training flexibility and a unique student performance follow up.