WAVE NG is the best tool to learn how to master the welder’s skills.

Discover WAVE NG, the most performant tool to train your students for the welder and boilermaker trades. This tool was developed to teach and test the welder’s professional skills on 3 procedures: MAG, TIG and MMA. Thanks to WAVE NG, your trainees will improve the precision of their gesture and their concentration, without risking any injury and minimizing the equipment breakage and wear risks.


The strengths

Consumables costs reduced by 50%

Training results improved up to 35%

Training with no accident risks (cuts, projections, electric arc…)

Reduction in equipment breakage and wear

Follow each trainee’s results and progresses through VULCAN


An efficient work station

WAVE NG aims at developing your trainees’ dexterity to perform the perfect welder’s gesture: no helmet nor rules, your trainees stay focused on mastering the gesture. Results show that a trainee working in this simplified environment reduces the training duration by 50% and saves up to 50% of the consumables costs.

The learning variables

Learning happens gradually and trainees can practice several positions, angled or flat, vertically or horizontally. It is also possible to work on complex beads (N shaped, circular…) and on different assemblies and passes. With WAVE NG, reduce error tolerancies and test whether your trainees can follow a line and respect the advance speed.


WAVE NG is available in 2 versions : EDU and PRO. You will always find a product that meets your requirements, according to your specific needs and the training you provide :


WAVE NG EDU uses Z-Space technology and provides a wide set of exercices to train on MAG and MMA processes, thanks to its stylus. The trainee will learn essential skills of the welding trade such as concentration, accuracy and dexterity, and will benefit from the WAVE-NG follow-up of professional motion training.


WAVE NG PRO is an transportable industrial solution designed for welding training organisations. It offers a comprehensive set of tools (including TIG) and exercices available in WAVE NG. This comprehensive and robust solution allows you to train efficiently your students whilst remaining mobile.

The pedagogical follow up

Exclusively offered by MIMBUS, the control center VULCAN provides the trainers with the tools to control and evaluate their student’s skills.

This control center gives access to several functions, such as:

  • Welding path
  • Distance between sheet steel and nozzle
  • Welding advance speed
  • Welding orientation and angle
  • Execution time of the exercise

Thanks to this pedagogical platform, the instructor keeps being the master of his training and can easily develop new exercises, depending on each trainee’s performances.


How can you save up to 70% with WAVE NG when the other simulators make you save 30% only ?

A simulator aims at replicating as realistically as possible the working situation. Thus it is not easier to weld on a virtual machine. Actually the opposite is true, as all physical clues have disappeared. WAVE NG offers easy learning of the welding motion. In this respect, WAVE NG is not a simulator.
Simplifying the work environment make the student learn faster. It is estimated the training time can be reduced by half (50%). This gain can be added to the material savings (about 30% savings achieved with a simulator). Thanks to WAVE NG, training organisations can cut the training costs by

Can we set up the welding power unit with WAVE NG ?

No. In the comprehensive approach of the professional motion, WAVE NG focuses on the welding motion and parameters. You can set the speed, the distance, the tool orientation, the trajectory, but neither the wire feed speed not the amperage. In order to simplify learning, we consider these parameters and the associated effects to be studied either in the workshop or in the classroom. This also makes WAVE NG configuration faster and more intuitive, so to make the training faster.

Can I practice pipe welding with WAVE NG ?

No. We believe this is not relevant. We demonstrated, since the launch of cs wave in 2004, that the motion and concentration skills acquired on strait and flat cord can easily be adapted by the welding to more advanced situations (like tube or on site welding). That’s why we have deliberately chosen not to provide the user with a 3D helmet.

Can I choose the material and its thickness ?

It depends... WAVE NG does not provide a realistic simulation. We focus on teaching the accurate professional welding motion. However, it is possible to account for different motions associated to each material and thickness. It means creating new exercices with appropriate motion settings.

It seems that a 3D helmet makes it more realistic, so it should be more efficient ?

False. We aim at a faster learning of the accurate professional motion and the associated visual concentration. To this end, the key issues must be dealt with separately, and the student environment has to be simplified. The simulators that replicate a realistic situation don’t simplify learning, hence their limited benefit. Besides 3D helmets require settings suited to various users, they don’t suit everyone, they cause eye strain and above all they may pose serious health concern.

Can I connect a LITE to a WORKBENCH or to an EDU ?

Absolutely ! The whole range of WAVE NG products is based on the same architecture. All data is transferred and stored in the cloud. Therefore you can access information and performance from either the LITE or the WORKBENCH or the EDU.

Can I practice overhead welding with WAVE NG ?

Yes, partly. Our solutions LITE and WORKBENCH include overhead fillet welding. This feature enables the student to understand the key issue of the orientation in this position. Provided this functionality, we consider this position to be learned in real live training, as a priority issue.


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