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With VIRTUAL CONSTRUCT, raise awareness, experiment and assess occupational risks on construction sites in complete safety, in a realistic and fully immersive environment.

Machine operators, crane operators, masons, surveyors, building painters… Your learners will get the most of their training sessions thanks to virtual reality. Throughout the experience, they will have the occasion to review progressive learning, safety procedures, risk analysis and risk qualification.



Thanks to virtualization, explore construction sites and technical training platforms with ease

Practice with risky scenarios and complex situations you couldn't implement in real life

Save budget in materials and working space

Connect to a single training system, adaptable to all trades

Enjoy a playful and memorable learning solution


A powerful workstation

Virtual Construct adds 3 pedagogical objectives to theoretical teaching:

Bring awareness of the dangers incurred on a construction site

Learn analytical methods to identify hazards, manage risk situations and make workstations safe with PPE and PEC

Validate the learner’s knowledge thanks to a scenarization of the situations controlled by the trainer via the Vulcan platform

Learning variables

With VULCAN, you can create user profiles for your students or groups of students. The level of difficulty chosen for an exercise determines the conditions for guiding the learner: the higher the level, the more autonomous the learner will have to be in the execution of the exercise.
The system also monitors in real time the speed of execution of an exercise, the respect of safety instructions, the relevance of the choice of equipment and the acquisition of theoretical knowledge.
VULCAN allows you to fully customize your training courses and adapt your exercises to the performance of each learner.


Construction Site Safety Module

Train your learners in risk prevention, all trades combined.

Scaffolding Safety Module

Module for the reception, verification and use of scaffolding.

Pedagogical follow-up

VULCAN offers trainers the possibility to entirely manage his training sessions via VIRTUAL CONSTRUCT:

  • Create learner profiles and assign them to classes
  • Manage difficulty levels
  • Set up and adjust exercises
  • Analyse student performance:
  • analyse of the initial situation
  • ability to ensure safety by using the appropriate PPE
  • speed of execution

Thanks to VULCAN, trainers remain in control of the training session and can easily set up new exercises depending on the performance of each student.


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