The poultry cutting module is the first educational tool to discover the job in virtual reality

The poultry cutting training module allows you to become familiar with poultry cutting through virtual reality.

Your learners will have to try to cut each part of the carcass, sort the pieces of meat and sharpen the blade of his knife at the right time.


The discovery of the job without waste

Enhancing the image of the profession through an innovative tool

Attracting new recruits at trade shows

Diversification of teaching methods

Energizing theoretical learning with VR


A step by step discovery

The Poultry Cutting module allows you to discover the work environment of the slaughterhouse worker and to familiarize yourself with the tools and the chicken or duck carcass in a fun and attractive way.

The pedagogical objectives

  • Know the cutting procedures
  • Integrate the cutting rate
  • Understand the concept of product quality

Performance assessment

VULCAN on the poultry cutting module allows you to monitor the performance of your learners and to individualize your training courses.

Track your learners' skills and individualize your courses with VULCAN!You can create profiles for your students or classes.The level of difficulty chosen for an exercise determines the conditions for guiding the learner: the higher the level, the more autonomous the learner will have to be in the execution of the exercise.

Tailor your training to your needs and fully customize your courses and exercises based on each learner's performance.

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