Promote your trade and recruit new talent with MIMBUS Discover

MIMBUS Discover is the first career guidance tool in Virtual Reality. Candidates will discover new jobs through short immersive experiences. Give your candidates a realistic experience and discover the talents of tomorrow.


Raising public awareness of different trades

Discovering a catalog of various trades

Awakening interest through a realistic immersive experience

Easily transportable equipment

Assessment of candidates' skills with VULCAN


A unique career guidance tool

MIMBUS Discover allows you to introduce new professions to a wide audience in a concrete way. Thanks to virtual reality, candidates are immersed in a very realistic environment and live experiences likely to give rise to vocations. Connected to VULCAN, Discover offers you the possibility to analyze the results and detect new talents.

A large catalog of trades

For the first time, make it easier for your candidates to access a wide range of jobs. And if you don’t find the job you need, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to consider with you the integration of this job to make it discoverable to the greatest number.

Recruitment and career guidance

MIMBUS Discover offers you the possibility of detecting new talents by evaluating the aptitudes of candidates. This solution also allows you to promote the professions represented and to encourage vocations thanks to ultra-realistic immersive experiences.

With VULCAN, the trainer or recruiter has access to detailed statistics, specific to each profession.

This information is valuable for your recruitment and allows you to detect unsuspected skills in your candidates.

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