Professional gesture in our DNA

MIMBUS devotes all its resources to answer to your pedagogical needs, while at the same time making your training more cost-effective, safer and more attractive.

A detailed analysis of your needs

We work in direct collaboration with training institutes to develop our solutions. We define together each trade characteristics, gesture features, as well as the challenges for the training centers. Each tool developed by MIMBUS is playful, effective and cost-effective.

A team of experts at your service

The MIMBUS team is composed of a work psychologist who studies with the training centers the pedagogical needs related to manual trades’ learning. MIMBUS developers are experts on R&D and provide efficient and accessible solutions for your training.

We only have one objective : revolutionizing vocational training to make it more effective, less costly and more attractive for young talents.

Let’s find together a solution adapted to your vocational training


Adopting innovation to be more performing

Simulation is the only solution which enables simultaneously to put in practice your students’ skills, reduce your training costs and follow-up your learners’ performances.

Vocational training happens through experimentation. Trainees need to practice as many times as possible to acquire the skills needed to perform their job.

When you choose simulation, you :

  • Give to your learners a secured and playful learning tool
  • Reduce your training costs
  • Follow-up with precision your trainees’ performances

Discover the solutions that match your needs