45th France Skills competition

Exhibition Center of Caen, France

from nov 29 to dec 1 2018

Test your carpenter skills at the France Skills competition 2018.

From november 29th to december 1st, French young professionals will compete for a ticket to WorldSkills or Euroskills.

Besides the competition, this event inspires young people to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence. During 3 days, young people and families will be able to attend this competition and discover many sectors of excellence.

This is why we are proud to participate in the promotion of these trades to young people. Especially with WOOD-ED TABLE, our training simulator for wood cutting machines.

There is no better way to stimulate a passion than trying a trade! And this is possible with simulation.

We are looking forward to being there!


MIMBUS aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Welcome to Renaud BOSQUET, our new Customer Support Manager!

We are delighted to announce that Renaud BOSQUET has joined the MIMBUS team.

Renaud is an expert in client support, and worked for almost 20 years for a multinational company. Really concerned by the customer satisfaction, Renaud will assume the position Customer Support Manager and will ensure the quality of the users services.

“I will do my best to ensure a high quality of service and to allow you to succeed in your training!” Renaud said “With more than 15 years in customer care, I want to implement a high customer satisfaction because I think it is the main indicator of success.”

Since the creation of the company, MIMBUS committed in meeting the customer’s need. The company offers customized training, attentive listening to customers’ feedbacks and adapted solutions to the problem encountered.

Today, MIMBUS is in full growth and wants to maintain high standards. That is why Renaud comes to strengthen our team and becomes the guarantor of a successful customer experience.


The 1st VORTEX platform in Denmark at EUC Lillebaelt

This simulator has been selected and approved by BMS, Denmark's largest lifting company.

**BMS, Denmark’s largest lifting company, chose VORTEX to offer learning opportunities to EUC Lillebaelt, the first vocational training center in the region.

All trained teachers appreciated the realism of this tool. The dynamism, faithful reproduction of the machine and the ability to interfere in real time with the simulation make this device efficient and helpful. Additionally, it creates multiple learning situations from the simplest to the most complex.

EUC ensures customer and trainees satisfaction thanks to quality of the training. Using VORTEX is a way to set high expectations and make the program more attractive and secure.


MIMBUS sets up in the United States

MIMBUS establishes a subsidiary in Chicago and opens the American market of manual trades' virtual learning.

Toulouse, France, April 4th 2018 –

All around the world, young people are turning away from manual trades and companies are facing recruitment difficulties. The United States faces up this same reality.

Created in 2011, MIMBUS wants to reverse the trend. The company develops and distributes virtual solutions for manual trades’ learning. Responding to the rising demand, MIMBUS doubled its turnover every year.  In April 2018, MIMBUS is opening an office in the vibrating center of Chicago, IL; to launch its products on the American market.

A difficult start

In the early 2000s, Laurent DA DALTO identified several issues with vocational training. Ten years later, he decided to create his own business and provides concrete answers to VTC. By bringing together instructors, developers and pedagogues experience, he made it to deliver innovative produce and immersing tools. This solution increases attractiveness and efficiency of the training.

Despite its disruptive solutions, the company went through difficult time. The market was immature and instructors were not ready to integrate new technologies to their training. As for developing country, much more receptive to innovation, MIMBUS achieved more than 70% of its turnover in Asia and in the Middle East until 2016.

Starting from 2016, people started to have a real understanding of the innovation’s benefits, partly connected to the democratization of virtual reality helmet. Sales have doubled since then and this trend intensifies with a sales forecast of 5M€ in 2020.

The United States, low supply – high demand

Established in 60 countries, MIMBUS wants to invest on the American market. The United States suffers more than ever from labor shortage. Around 200 000 construction jobs and 3M manufacturing jobs are unfilled today.

Vocational training is no longer appealing to young people and security is a great concern for instructors who are afraid of putting theory into practice. Based on the virtualization of the manual skill’s learning, MIMBUS solution is proposing a high demanded alternative and position itself as a pioneer on the market.

Thus, MIMBUS decided to penetrate the American market and to set up in Chicago, nerve centre of the Midwest region. This dynamic city counts more than 2,5M inhabitants and is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the United States. MIMBUS turnover forecast to reach 600K€ until the end of the year and 1,8M€ in 2019.


MIMBUS is born from the awareness of Laurent DA DALTO that vocational training was faced with issues that new technologies could solve. Welder, painter, cabinet maker, electrician… the company put innovation at the heart of the training, allowing to train students faster, in a totally safe environment and with lower costs. MIMBUS distinguishes its offer of nearly 10 simulators, covering the learning of about 20 trades, by the quality of its pedagogical monitoring tool.

Developed in partnership with pedagogues and instructors, this platform increases the adaptably of training and offers the best student learning path’s tracking.

Click here to download the press release

banniere trophees radio RMC

MIMBUS is on a French radio!

MIMBUS's commercial broadcast on the 2nd biggest French Radio

Do you remember? In october 2017, MIMBUS won the prize for the best exporting SME of the french radio RMC. MIMBUS also have the opportunity to broadcast its commercial on the radio.

RMC is the 2nd biggest french radio and their audience average 4,2 millions of listeners each day.

35 radio commercial are broadcasted until March the 11th on the radio wave.

You can listen to the French commercial by clicking on the PLAY button below.*


*french version


MIMBUS becomes a member of the French Exporter Society

MIMBUS invests harder in export development for French companies.

The French Exporters Society federates and helps French companies in developping their export growth strategy.

It offers the opportunity to meet and share about international trades.

In 2017, the export sales represented 50% of MIMBUS’ turnover. The company also opened a branch in USA very recently. That is why MIMBUS really wished to join this Society.

sponsor wca

MIMBUS engages with WCA to promote a skilled woodworking workforce in North America

MIMBUS becomes a gold sponsor of the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America.

WCA is an american association working hard on developing and growing a skilled woodworking workforce in the U.S. and Canada.

It helps industries and schools providing certification and training to new and existing woodworking professionals or students.

It kind of makes sense that MIMBUS joined WCA to participate in supporting workforce development for the woodworking industry in North America, especially because of WOOD-ED TABLE.

This simulator offers the amazing opportunity to train future woodworkers without any risk of injury and in an efficient manner due to the pedagogical tool integrated: VULCAN.

The MIMBUS team is really pleased of this partnership which is just the beginning of more successful woodworking skilled workforce promotion.

Discover the new partnerhip of MIMBUS

MIMBUS announce its new partership with zSpace for the training of the welding motion

MIMBUS is really proud to announce its partnership with zSpace for the training of the welding motion on WAVE NG.

WAVE NG has been created after an AFPA engineer thought the video games recreational approach that captured the players gesture could be implemented in the vocational training. The aim was to find a way to train welders better and faster. In partnership with CS group, AFPA launched the WAVE project, jointly funded by the European Commission. CS WAVE was officially released in March 2004. Drawing on its 10 years’ experience gained in this field, DIGINEXT -CS group subsidiary- decided to update its offer and assigned the product marketing to MIMBUS. By joint agreement, they created WAVE NG, a major revision of CS WAVE more effective and designed to follow the vocational training development.

Today, vocational training suffers of a negative image. Young people prefer to go to the university rather than becoming a welder. This desinterest has caused the loss of skilled labors. Regarding welding, there are 100,000 welders missing today, and this figure will rise to 300,000 by 2030. We need to value and attract people to that this job.

Combining WAVE NG with zSpace makes the training even more attractive and realistic thanks to the multisensory experience of zSpace. It offers the students hands-on training with MAG and MMA procedures. Learners will be able to weld from multiple angles and develop concentration, precision and dexterity, without any risk of injury or equipment breakage.

zSpace, Inc. is a leading-edge technology provider that delivers a new way of learning with its flagship product, zSpace.

Focused on the learning market, specifically science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, medical instruction, corporate training and research, zSpace inspires and accelerates understanding through immersive exploration.

We are really pleased to combine both expertises to provide the vocational training centers with increasingly adapted solutions to their pedagogical needs.


MIMBUS won the prize for the best exporting SME 2017

A well-known french radio awards MIMBUS in the export category!

Since 2010 and each year, the french well-known radio RMC organise the Trophies “PME Bougeons-Nous”

1272 SME participated in the contest for the 8th edition.

We have already been selected by the jury of occitania region in septembre.

Today, we are really proud to have won the national trophy in the export category !


If you wish to see the ceremony, click here.