Our SIMSPRAY products are now available in the United Kingdom through our new partnership with S&B Automotive Academy Limited.

Based in Bristol, S&B is an innovative training organisation in the automotive trades. Importantly, several national and european research programs in this field of education have been launched at the initiative of S&B.

Jon Winter, S&B Chief Executive, stated: « By harnessing virtual reality, which is becoming increasingly popular in the video games market, we can make training more fun as well as more effective. With no preparation or clean-up time required, students can make faster progressand compete against eachother. For our lecturers, the system allows them to measure and highlight a number of key areas of performance, including time spent, paint usage and wastage. Another major benefit is the reduction in consumables, wich also enhances our environmental credentials to our customers. »

S&B Automotive Academy emerges as a reference in the automotive trades training area and have unique and large facilities in the UK. Their structure is designed to meet all training needs addressed by MIMBUS products. They offer a wide range of services from apprenticeship & traineeship, to the distribution of MIMBUS educational products.

Contact : http://www.sandbaa.com/