MIMBUS establishes a subsidiary in Chicago and opens the American market of manual trades' virtual learning.

Toulouse, France, April 4th 2018 –

All around the world, young people are turning away from manual trades and companies are facing recruitment difficulties. The United States faces up this same reality.

Created in 2011, MIMBUS wants to reverse the trend. The company develops and distributes virtual solutions for manual trades’ learning. Responding to the rising demand, MIMBUS doubled its turnover every year.  In April 2018, MIMBUS is opening an office in the vibrating center of Chicago, IL; to launch its products on the American market.

A difficult start

In the early 2000s, Laurent DA DALTO identified several issues with vocational training. Ten years later, he decided to create his own business and provides concrete answers to VTC. By bringing together instructors, developers and pedagogues experience, he made it to deliver innovative produce and immersing tools. This solution increases attractiveness and efficiency of the training.

Despite its disruptive solutions, the company went through difficult time. The market was immature and instructors were not ready to integrate new technologies to their training. As for developing country, much more receptive to innovation, MIMBUS achieved more than 70% of its turnover in Asia and in the Middle East until 2016.

Starting from 2016, people started to have a real understanding of the innovation’s benefits, partly connected to the democratization of virtual reality helmet. Sales have doubled since then and this trend intensifies with a sales forecast of 5M€ in 2020.

The United States, low supply – high demand

Established in 60 countries, MIMBUS wants to invest on the American market. The United States suffers more than ever from labor shortage. Around 200 000 construction jobs and 3M manufacturing jobs are unfilled today.

Vocational training is no longer appealing to young people and security is a great concern for instructors who are afraid of putting theory into practice. Based on the virtualization of the manual skill’s learning, MIMBUS solution is proposing a high demanded alternative and position itself as a pioneer on the market.

Thus, MIMBUS decided to penetrate the American market and to set up in Chicago, nerve centre of the Midwest region. This dynamic city counts more than 2,5M inhabitants and is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the United States. MIMBUS turnover forecast to reach 600K€ until the end of the year and 1,8M€ in 2019.


MIMBUS is born from the awareness of Laurent DA DALTO that vocational training was faced with issues that new technologies could solve. Welder, painter, cabinet maker, electrician… the company put innovation at the heart of the training, allowing to train students faster, in a totally safe environment and with lower costs. MIMBUS distinguishes its offer of nearly 10 simulators, covering the learning of about 20 trades, by the quality of its pedagogical monitoring tool.

Developed in partnership with pedagogues and instructors, this platform increases the adaptably of training and offers the best student learning path’s tracking.

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