MIMBUS is proud to introduce WAVE NG !

WAVE NG is CS WAVE worthy successor. WAVE NG uses the same approach but the technologies and interfaces have been totally updated. Further to our worldwide customers feedback, we have designed a new solution most suited to new technologies, more flexible and even more connected…Hardware and software have been greatly improved to turn into WAVE NG, our next generation of welding motion trainer.


The CLOUD approach

All information regarding virtual training on WAVE NG is now available in the CLOUD. MIMBUS can fully manage your CLOUD space both to ensure data security and persistence, and to ease implementation in the training organisation. But you can also create your own CLOUD locally or on a training organisations network. Thus you can share the curriculum or distribute them through your network of cloud partners. This approach enhances sharing of information resources and good practices, and increases the benefits achieved.


Updated interface

More modern, ergonomic, more intuitive than CS WAVE… the WAVE NG interface is forward- looking and turned to the new generation. The advanced interface designed for the instructor has been totally updated and allows you to access the core creation and modification features of the learning roadmaps faster. Likewise, the results are easier to read, and basic analyses allow the instructor to improve the students evolution assessment.


A more realistic EDU version

WAVE NG entry level solution has been totally updated. It has all the advantages previously described, and now it also embeds two realistic tools (MAG and SAEE) plus a better motion capture system. Installation is still as easy and its price remains very attractive since it provides a first introduction to the welding motion learning.


For further information, please visit the product page