RAI Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

from 10 oct 17 to 11 oct 17

Join us for an amazing discussion about Education in Pakistan and how Virtual Reality can be use in this area.

We will address :

  • The actual situation in Pakistan in the Education sector with a special focus on higher education
  • The challenges of importing education technologies into Pakistan (particularly ones that require a heavy initial investment)
  • Success stories and challenges of the public or private education sector towards adopting new methods VS maintaining status quo
  • The special education approach and the social impact of this new technology

Laurent Da Dalto, CEO of MIMBUS, will share the floor with Jibran Jamshad, Edcation Lead at MICROSOFT and Syed Kashif Rafi, Managing partner at TARBIYAT and Director at ILMA University in Karachi, Pakistan.

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