San Antonio, Texas (US)

From Nov. 29 to Nov. 30 18

For the second year in row, MIMBUS participates in ACTE's Careertech VISION!

The trade show will open its gate in San Antonio (TX) from Nov. 29 to 30.

If you want to discover how virtual reality inscrease the efficiency of your vocational training, make sure to stop by our booth #635.

This year, we decided to showcase 5 simulators dedicated to the training of:

Each of these simulators is monitored by VULCAN!

VULCAN is the only platform that allows the instructor to follow the trainees’ activity on a simulator in real-time.

The skills of the trainees are analyzed and the instructor can personalize the training path according to their results.

VULCAN provides a user-friendly interface and gives you the ressources to meet your pedagogical needs.

Want to see how it works? Come and meet us at our booth!