MIMBUS is also able to develop on demand applications.

Thanks to our skilled experts and to our partners, MIMBUS carries out in-house research and development in the virtual training environment area.

We can provide you with a fitted solution to your training issue, so to help you simplify the process of traditional training and save on investment costs.

Our offer includes:



Thanks to our training engineers and psychologists, we are able to analyse the training process. We can determine together with you what the core problem of your training is and then try to define the most suitable virtual solution.

Research & Development


We can help you specify and develop a new training tool designed for your area. In the initial phase we will follow you up, then we will define the appropriate technologies in compliance with your requirements and we will develop the software.

The integrated solution will be a fully functional prototype which will enable you to validate the benefits of the improvements. Then we will possibly define and create the final product.

Benefits analysis


The integration of Virtual Training systems in traditional training courses is not seamless. It may dramatically change the way you used to train. Being able to rethink your process is essential then.

Our skilled team is able to analyse the benefits of our virtual tools with you. Then we can help you adapt their use to improve those benefits.


We can meet you needs and support your organization. Contact us today for more information …