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The WORLD-EXCUSIVE training solution WOOD-ED TABLE immerses you in a 3D environment to allow you to operate wood-cutting machines without risk, thanks to augmented reality and a unique force feedback system.
Train your learners in mastering the proper carpentry motions when operating wood-cutting machines autonomously and in a secured way, while controlling the learning process.

A scalable multi-tool table

After selecting one of the 4 main stationary machines used in carpentry trades, WOOD-ED TABLE offers a FULLY SAFE learning of the professional carpentry motions.
WOOD-ED TABLE comes equipped with an exclusive and realistic force feedback system that simulates the real work sensations and cutting constraints. With his own customized learning path, every learner can access a step by step educational curriculum.
The scalable system is designed to lead the learner from basic practicing to more advanced operations. The simulator tracks and saves the completion of work procedures, the travel speed, as well as cutting regularity and accuracy, for further restitution.

A safe and cost-efficient training

Cabinet makers’ and carpenters’ operations require precise movements. A band saw, a rip saw, a jointer and a shaper can be potentially harmful. They require a good position of the operator’s hands and a perfect knowledge of the work procedures.
WOOD-ED TABLE ensures a totally safe learning: no cut, no projection, no accident hazards.
The savings made on raw material, wear parts and real machines wear is also greatly enhanced by the faster learning achieved in total autonomy.

An efficient feedback training

So far, an instructor could only have one trainee at a time practicing on the wood-cutting machine, under his direct supervision. Thanks to WOOD-ED TABLE, the learner can work independently and better understand the results and risks of improper handling. He practices more, he progresses faster and communicates more easily with his instructor.

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