WOOD-ED Factory

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Train operators in your sawmill without stopping the production line. In industrial sawmills, the headrig ensures a regular production rate and profitability.

WOOD-ED FACTORY trains and teaches the future sawmill operators on a headrig or canter line.

WOOD-ED FACTORY trains the operator with various modules and sequences of exercises in mastering a mono-cut or bi-cut bandsaw, managing the travel speed, knees, etc. WOOD-ED FACTORY offers custom setups to replicate the operator’s future work situation experience:

  • Fully customisable control systems for the joysticks and pedals
  • 3 machines: headrig 2 knees, headrig 4 knees, canter line
  • Progressive learning through sequences of increasing difficulty
  • In-depth analysis of the execution, production profitability and quality


  • Improves the learning speed and gets the operator ready to work more quickly
  • Independent of the production line (efficiency gain and no breakdown risk)
  • Savings in raw material and logs, as well as wear of the blades, rotating parts, spare parts, …
  • Accelerated learning process, with no accident hazard
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