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WAVE NG is the leading most efficient virtual simulator for a fast learning of the welding motion.
WAVE NG offers both the MAG learning and the coated electrode learning like the TIG process, combining expert dexterity and fine motor skills with both hands. No helmet or adjustment of the welding station, the rule is straightforward: watch your hands to understand what you are doing and focus on the fundamentals, the welding motion.
WAVE NG is the ideal tool to acquire and master the professional welding motion.

Easy and progressive

WAVE NG allows the follow-up of one or various parameters of the welder’s motion: trajectory, travel speed, arc distance, work and travel angle related to the welding pool of a cord. So, the learner can train on these 5 requirements either individually or jointly, and with 3 levels of tolerance range. The system can simulate various assemblies (butt and filet) and welding positions (horizontal, vertical, overhead, flat).

A cost-efficient and green embedded tool

In addition to a formal training, the use of simulation allows substantial savings on base metal, filler metal, gas (Argon, Co2 Argon), little spare parts, torches, personal protective equipment like gloves and aprons, tools and grinding consumables, while improving the educational quality thanks to the individual tracking on our CLOUD interface. Besides, the learner immediately gets to weld with no need to prepare any chamfers or tubes. A 30% to 50% of the training on WAVE NG improves the exams results of 20% to 30%, while saving 40% to 60% in raw material and consumables.

Increased safety and communication

Due to the elimination of the risk of burns, cutting or projection hazard, the trainee can learn without stress and focuses on his professional practice and motions. He learns faster and the results analysis explained by the instructor allows him to better understand the consequences of his welding motion.
Thanks to a progressive and customised learning you can track the learners’ progress while having the proper tools to explain, assess and record their progress.

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