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Experience a whole new way of training PAINTERS by integrating SIMSPRAY in your workshop. Reproduce a VIRTUAL paint booth where your learners can train without risks, without wasting paint and with limited impact on the environment.
Teach your students in hundreds of different work situations while controlling their progression.


SIMSPRAY allows to learn the spray-gun painting motion with the very same professional movement as with the real equipment. The repeated practice of the painting motion on the simulator increases the learner’s efficiency when placed in a real painting booth. It is estimated that the trainee will spend 80% less time in a real booth after first training and practicing with SIMSPRAY.


The investment in SIMSPRAY will quickly pay off in the optimization of the training time and savings of raw material. The various exercises and settings available in SIMSPRAY provide the instructor with all kinds of work situations to train his students. Learners can progress quickly and in a secured way, without wasting paint or solvents. The in-depth results analysis enhances the communication between the instructor and the trainee. He understands better the impact of his movements; therefore, he progresses faster.


Based on immersive virtual technologies, SIMSPRAY offers a 3D realistic environment allowing learners to practice on relief parts in all positions, in an engaging and challenging way for young people.

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